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First attempt

Pictures by QT Luong

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The main camp at 14300ft. Denali, Alaska ( color) The day when we arrived, the weather was great, and there is a large numbers of climbers going for it. Denali, Alaska ( color) Waiting out in bad weather. Denali, Alaska ( color) Fresh snow on the 14300ft camp. Denali, Alaska ( color) Fresh snow and sea of clouds on 14300ft camp. Denali, Alaska ( color) The ranger tent. They perform rescues and operate a medical camp, but also give tickets for littering. The two lattrines help keep the snow good for drinking. Denali, Alaska ( color) The low-profile tents have to be protected against the wind (which can reach 100mph). Climbers dig a hole and built thick snow-walls by sawing off large chunks of frozen snow. Denali, Alaska ( color) The ridge visible on the skyline is the West Rib, which was my planned itinerary. My companions had settled for the West Buttress, so I would do the second part of the climb solo. Denali, Alaska ( color) The temperatures during the day were pleasant, but within fifteen minutes after the sun has disappeared, they would drop down to subzero (F). This was a warm year, with minimum temperatures of -20F.. Denali, Alaska ( color) Midnight alpenglow on Mt Hunter, seen from the 14300ft on Mc Kinley. Denali, Alaska ( color) I leave by myself the camp for a summit attempt, taking a cut-off to the West Rib. The West Buttress route goes to the pass, through the steep wall, and is quite crowded. Denali, Alaska ( color) At the 16000 narrow camp on the Rib, there is just another party. Denali, Alaska ( color) Storm clouds approaching. Denali, Alaska ( color) Storm clouds approaching. Denali, Alaska ( color) Storm clouds approaching. Denali, Alaska ( color) More fresh snow on the tent down at 14300. Denali, Alaska ( color) Party with typical Alaskan backpacks. Denali, Alaska ( color) Building an igloo, which offers a very good weather protection.. Denali, Alaska ( color) Climbers inside an igloo. Denali, Alaska ( color) The 14300 camp has a very social, and international atmosphere. One could argue that it is hardly a wilderness experience since there are in permanence dozens of tents there during the short (May-June) climbing season. Denali, Alaska ( color)
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