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Theravada Buddhist Temples

Images by QT Luong

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Central Buddha image, Wat Saket. Bangkok, Thailand (color) Gilded temple roof, Phu Kaho Thong. Bangkok, Thailand (color) Girls in traditional thai costume, Wat Arun. Bangkok, Thailand (color) Temple rooftop and modern skyline. Bangkok, Thailand (color) Prang (khmer style tower) of Wat Arun,sunrise. Bangkok, Thailand (color) Roofs, Wat Pho. Bangkok, Thailand (color) Prang of Wat Arun at dawn. Bangkok, Thailand (color) Gilded temples seen from Dhammayazika. Bagan, Myanmar (color) View over temples from Mingalazedi. Bagan, Myanmar (color) Ananda and Thatbyinnyu pahtos. Bagan, Myanmar (color) Pastel colors at dawn. Bagan, Myanmar (color) Monks sitting below row of buddha images, Wat Arun. Bangkok, Thailand (color) Sunset from Shwesandaw. Bagan, Myanmar (color) Monks outside Wat Arun. Bangkok, Thailand (color) Buddhist monks and buddha statues, Wat Arun. Bangkok, Thailand (color) Wat Pho, the oldest and largest Wat in Bangkok. Bangkok, Thailand (color) Wat Arun, temple of dawn named after Indian god of dawn. Bangkok, Thailand (color) Architectural detail in shape of naga. Bangkok, Thailand (color) Novice at Shwezigon Paya. Bagan, Myanmar (color) Dhammayazika Paya. Bagan, Myanmar (color)
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