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Theravada Buddhist Temples

Pictures by QT Luong

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Pagoda in Khmer style. Tra Vinh, Vietnam (color) Ornementation detail of the prang, combining khmer and thai styles, Wat Arun. Bangkok, Thailand (color) Shwezigon Paya. Bagan, Myanmar (color) Gold umbrella and chedi of Wat Phra That Doi Suthep. Chiang Mai, Thailand (color) Khmer pagoda. Tra Vinh, Vietnam (color) Worshippers circle around chedi. Bangkok, Thailand (color) Illuminated pahto, sunrise. Bagan, Myanmar (color) Wat Phra Singh, typical of northern Thai architecture. Chiang Mai, Thailand (color) Huts, Hang Pagoda. Tra Vinh, Vietnam (color) View of temples and city. Bangkok, Thailand (color) Ancient sacred city seen from Dhammayazika. Bagan, Myanmar (color) Ruined Wat Chedi Luang with elephants in the pediment. Chiang Mai, Thailand (color) Young monks at Khmer pagoda. Tra Vinh, Vietnam (color) Sunrise over the plain doted with 2000 temples. Bagan, Myanmar (color) Chedi on top of Golden Mount. Bangkok, Thailand (color) Spirit house, Ang Pagoda. Tra Vinh, Vietnam (color) Temple roofs and modern buildings from above. Bangkok, Thailand (color) Dhammayazika Paya and mountains at dawn. Bagan, Myanmar (color) Ang Pagoda (Angkor Rek Borei). Tra Vinh, Vietnam (color) Spirit house in large pond. Tra Vinh, Vietnam (color)
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