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Theravada Buddhist Temples

Photos by QT Luong

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Hang Pagoda. Tra Vinh, Vietnam (color) Spirit house on small pond. Tra Vinh, Vietnam (color) Stupas, Ang Pagoda. Tra Vinh, Vietnam (color) Roof detail, Ang Pagoda. Tra Vinh, Vietnam (color) Monk standing in entrance, Ang Pagoda. Tra Vinh, Vietnam (color) Pagoda in Khmer style. Tra Vinh, Vietnam (color) Monk lighting incense at  Ang Pagoda altar. Tra Vinh, Vietnam (color) Monk standing in front of Ang Pagoda. Tra Vinh, Vietnam (color) Khmer-style Ong Met Pagoda seen from street. Tra Vinh, Vietnam (color) Roof detail and moon, Ong Met Pagoda. Tra Vinh, Vietnam (color) Chedi on top of Phu Kaho Thong. Bangkok, Thailand (color) Row of Buddha figures, Wat Arun. Bangkok, Thailand (color) Largest reclining Budhha in Thailand, in Wat Pho. Bangkok, Thailand (color) Temple and chedis from above. Bangkok, Thailand (color) Gilded columns and walls, Wat Phra Kaew. Bangkok, Thailand (color) Wat Phra Kaew seen through the lights of traffic. Bangkok, Thailand (color) Temple complex and city skyline. Bangkok, Thailand (color) Woman worships a buddha image, Wat Arun. Bangkok, Thailand (color) Worshippers with lotus inside Wat Saket. Bangkok, Thailand (color) Thai-style temple rooftops emerging from trees. Bangkok, Thailand (color)
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