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Ho Chi Minh City

Pictures by QT Luong

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Ho Chi Minh City, the new official name for Saigon since 1975, is by far the largest city in Vietnam, home to more than 7 million, and the economic engine of the country. It might first appear to the traveller a hectic and noisy place, with fewer monuments and history than Hue or Hanoi, besides the French-area buildings and the relatively low-profile pagodas and temples. Only after a while, one discovers its personality, that of a diverse, energetic, commercial and entrepreneurial, rebelious meridional city which emerges from a long economic sleep imposed by two decades of bureaucratic restrictions to catch on with a frenezy of life.

Pictures of Saigon Skyline and River
Saigon Skyline and River (16 images) larger
Pictures of Saigon Center
Saigon Center (97 images) larger
Pictures of Saigon Ben Thanh Market area
Saigon Ben Thanh Market area (38 images) larger
Pictures of Saigon Temples
Saigon Temples (38 images) larger
Pictures of Saigon Street
Saigon Street (53 images) larger
Pictures of Saigon Traffic
Saigon Traffic (84 images) larger
Pictures of Saigon Parks
Saigon Parks (50 images) larger
Pictures of Saigon Museums
Saigon Museums (28 images) larger
Pictures of Saigon Tet
Saigon Tet (15 images) larger
Pictures of Saigon Family
Saigon Family (16 images) larger
Pictures of Cholon Streets and Markets
Cholon Streets and Markets (45 images) larger
Pictures of Cholon Temples
Cholon Temples (53 images) larger
Pictures of Saigon Caodai temple
Saigon Caodai temple (19 images) larger
Pictures of Greater Saigon temples
Greater Saigon temples (49 images) larger
Pictures of Saigon misc locations
Saigon misc locations (18 images) larger
Pictures of Phu My Hung
Phu My Hung (19 images) larger
Pictures of Saigon outskirts
Saigon outskirts (15 images) larger

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