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Old Western Buildings

Pictures by QT Luong

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Old west style buildings, Old Tucson Studios. Tucson, Arizona, USA (color) Riverboats Delta King and Spirit of Sacramento, modern and old buildings. Sacramento, California, USA (color) Man with cowboy hat sitting in front of a casino. Virginia City, Nevada, USA (color) Strip of old west buildings. Arizona, USA (color) General store old brick building. Genoa, Nevada, USA (color) Saloon on main street, Beatty. Nevada, USA (color) Row of old west storefronts. Colorado, USA (color) Post Office, Winthrop. Washington (color) Horses grazing in front of historic-looking buildings, Ridgeway. Colorado, USA (color) Saloon, Old Tucson Studios. Tucson, Arizona, USA (color) Gold-rush area buildings at night, Old Sacramento. Sacramento, California, USA (color) Old storefronts. Virginia City, Nevada, USA (color) Row of old west storefronts. Colorado, USA (color) Main Street, Winthrop. Washington (color) Nevada oldest saloon. Genoa, Nevada, USA (color) Western-style buildings and horses, Ridgeway. Colorado, USA (color) Old Sacramento gallery at night. Sacramento, California, USA (color) Horse carriage and saloon, Old Tucson Studios. Tucson, Arizona, USA (color) Gallery and main street. Virginia City, Nevada, USA (color) Painted doors and wood building, Winthrop. Washington (color) Genoa saloon and trading company. Genoa, Nevada, USA (color) Southern Railroad station at dusk. Sacramento, California, USA (color) Wooden shack. Virginia City, Nevada, USA (color) Adobe, Old Tucson Studios. Tucson, Arizona, USA (color) Stores in western style, Winthrop. Washington (color)

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