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Columns of the Palace of Fine arts. San Francisco, California, USA (color) West end of the Roman Forum. Rome, Lazio, Italy (color) Second floor of the Versailles palace chapel. France (color) Greek revivalist cenotaph, Anzac Square. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia (color) Thin columns, Khas Mahal, Red Fort. New Delhi, India (color) Indian girl running amongst columns of the Sikh Temple. San Jose, California, USA (color) Columns of the small temple of Venus, Villa Hadriana. Tivoli, Lazio, Italy (color) Buildings with columns and reflections. Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (color) Interior of Sankt Lozenz Kirche. Nurnberg, Bavaria, Germany (color) Courthouse entrance with inscription Judicial. Atlanta, Georgia, USA (color) Wildflowers and Temple of Neptune. Campania, Italy (color) Red columns and altar with phoenix, Temple of the Literature. Hanoi, Vietnam (color) Inner aisle, the Saint-Etienne Cathedral. Bourges, Berry, France (color) Nave of the Duomo. Naples, Campania, Italy (color) Statue of Apollon, Temple, and Mt Vesuvius. Pompeii, Campania, Italy (color) Main lobby of Many Glacier Lodge. Glacier National Park, Montana, USA. (color) Main Elephanta cave, Elephanta Island. Mumbai, Maharashtra, India (color) Deambulatory and main courtyard inside Hospicios de Cabanas. Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico (color) Interior of the Great Caodai Temple. Tay Ninh, Vietnam (color) Painted Hall of Greenwich Hospital, decorated by Sir James Thornhill in 19 years. Greenwich, London, England, United Kingdom (color) Hallway and bicycles. Stanford University, California, USA (color) Entrance stairs, door, and columns, Magnolia Hall. Natchez, Mississippi, USA (color) Interior of Basilica San Pietro. Vatican City (color) Carved columns and wall of the Rumi Sultana building. Fatehpur Sikri, Uttar Pradesh, India (color)

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Themes: Roman Columns

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