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Ho Chi Minh City

Pictures by QT Luong

[Saigon Skyline and River]
[Saigon Center]
[Saigon Ben Thanh Market area]
[Saigon Temples]
[Saigon Street]
[Saigon Traffic]
[Saigon Parks]
[Saigon Museums]
[Saigon Tet]
[Saigon Family]
[Cholon Streets and Markets]
[Cholon Temples]
[Saigon Caodai temple]
[Greater Saigon temples]
[Saigon misc locations]
[Phu My Hung]
[Saigon outskirts]

Ho Chi Minh City, the new official name for Saigon since 1975, is by far the largest city in Vietnam, home to more than 7 million, and the economic engine of the country. It might first appear to the traveller a hectic and noisy place, with fewer monuments and history than Hue or Hanoi, besides the French-area buildings and the relatively low-profile pagodas and temples. Only after a while, one discovers its personality, that of a diverse, energetic, commercial and entrepreneurial, rebelious meridional city which emerges from a long economic sleep imposed by two decades of bureaucratic restrictions to catch on with a frenezy of life.

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