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Permanent Snow

Pictures by QT Luong

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The camp 17000 is quite exposed to the winds. Denali, Alaska (color) Remains of a tent which burned years ago from stove flare-up. Denali, Alaska (color) Serac system at the top of the Brenva Spur, Mont-Blanc, Italy. (color) Exceptionnally warm conditions at Windy Corner. Denali, Alaska (color) Storm clouds approaching. Denali, Alaska (color) The West Buttress is easy but very airy. You cannot travel it if there are high winds. Denali, Alaska (color) A view from the summit of Mt McKinley. Denali, Alaska (color) West face of Mont-Blanc photographed from a commercial airplane, Italy and France. (color) Taking a break from pulling the sled. Denali, Alaska (color) The temperatures during the day were pleasant, but within fifteen minutes after the sun has disappeared, they would drop down to subzero (F). This was a warm year, with minimum temperatures of -20F.. Denali, Alaska (color) Traveling down with sleds. Denali, Alaska (color) Junction with the West Buttress route (see the numerous crampon marks) on the summit plateau. Denali, Alaska (color) Snow ridge on the Brenva Spur, Mont-Blanc, Italy. (color) At the 16000 narrow camp on the Rib, there is just another party. Denali, Alaska (color) Hauling heavy loads on the Kahilna Glacier,  including mostly food and fuel for three weeks and polar-grade gear. Denali, Alaska (color) The camp 17000, the last camp on West Buttress. Denali, Alaska (color) Summit ridge of Mont-Blanc and Bosses ridge with climber's trail in the snow, France and Italy. (color) Summit ridge of Mt McKinley. Denali, Alaska (color) To find your cache, you leave a wand, and you write your name on a sticker. Denali, Alaska (color) At begining June, there is no more night at these latitudes, just a very pure lingering light. Denali, Alaska (color)
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