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Permanent Snow

Pictures by QT Luong

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The day when we arrived, the weather was great, and there is a large numbers of climbers going for it. Denali, Alaska (color) To the 11000 camp, where I retrieved my gear. Denali, Alaska (color) Climbers on the rocky part of the Brenva Spur, Mont-Blanc, Italy. (color) Our first carry day, up to the 14300 camp.. Denali, Alaska (color) Cosmiques ridge, Tacul and Mont-Blanc. Alps, France (color) Climbers Frank and Alain start the Super-Couloir on Mt Blanc du Tacul, Mont-Blanc Range, Alps, France. (color) The three tracks starting from the 14300 camp are very visible: to Windy Corner, the West Buttress, and the West Rib (although these were only my tracks). The 14300 camp would soon be in the shade. Denali, Alaska (color) I leave by myself the camp for a summit attempt, taking a cut-off to the West Rib. The West Buttress route goes to the pass, through the steep wall, and is quite crowded. Denali, Alaska (color) The deserted 11000 camp. Denali, Alaska (color) Cornice on the Kuffner ridge of Mt Maudit, Italy and France. (color) Camp on close to Kahilna Pass. Denali, Alaska (color) Being late on my schedule, due to the unexpected effect of altitude, I am lucky to find a ledge large enough for my Stephenson tent. Denali, Alaska (color) The low-profile tents have to be protected against the wind (which can reach 100mph). Climbers dig a hole and built thick snow-walls by sawing off large chunks of frozen snow. Denali, Alaska (color) Vallot hut  emergency shelter, Mont-Blanc, France. (color) Our first carry day, back to 11000 camp. Denali, Alaska (color) The North Summit was reached by the Sourdough at the turn of the century in a one-day push, an incredible feat. Unfortunately for them, i t is slightly lower than the true (South) Summit. Denali, Alaska (color) This time, I had to painfully break the trail, which was swept by the recent storm. It is hard work when you are by yourself. Denali, Alaska (color) Eccles shelter at the base of the Freney Pillars, Mont-Blanc, Italy. (color) Everything which is left is buried under the snow, to prevent the ravens from destroying your cache. They can rip open a backpack if you don't bury it deep enough. Denali, Alaska (color) Storm clouds approaching. Denali, Alaska (color)
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