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Yunnan, China

Yunnan, China : 243 images
Relevant gallery pages:   Kunming   Lijiang   Dali   Shilin (Stone Forest)   Baisha   Shaping

Relevant gallery pages:   Kunming   Lijiang   Dali   Shilin (Stone Forest)   Baisha   Shaping

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Muslim cook at restaurant storefront. Kunming, Yunnan, China Elderly musicians of the Naxi Orchestra playing traditional instruments. Lijiang, Yunnan, China Fields with yellow mustard, below the Jade Dragon mountains. Baisha, Yunnan, China Cobblestone street and wooden doors at sunrise. Lijiang, Yunnan, China Woman in Bai dress showing drapes of traditional design. Dali, Yunnan, China Dr Ho, famous taoist doctor. Baisha, Yunnan, China Painting a bridge. Lijiang, Yunnan, China Tour guides dressed with traditional Sani outfits. Shilin, Yunnan, China Naxi woman offers eggs for sale to local residents. Lijiang, Yunnan, China Bicyclists waiting for traffic light. Kunming, Yunnan, China Celebration around a fire in Square Street by night. Lijiang, Yunnan, China Detail of Quianxun Pagoda. Dali, Yunnan, China Ming dynasty Wufeng Lou (Five Phoenix Hall), seen through entrance arch. Lijiang, Yunnan, China Woman under the Kegong tower archway. Lijiang, Yunnan, China San Ta Si (Three pagodas) at sunrise with Cang Shan mountains in the background. Dali, Yunnan, China Traditional rural houses. Baisha, Yunnan, China Flower peddler in an old alley. Kunming, Yunnan, China Women wearing traditional Bai dress. Dali, Yunnan, China Houses along a canal. Lijiang, Yunnan, China Old town Rooftops seen from Wangu tower. Lijiang, Yunnan, China

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