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terragalleria.com offers several powerful and varied search methods that are described in detail on this page.

1. Image search - returns images

Use this search method to find images in the gallery by free text keywords. Search options:
Black & White   Large format only   Panoramic only   Horizontal   Vertical  
All words
Result must contain each of the search words. Order is irrelevant.
Words are stemmed, so that different forms of a word (walk, walks, walking...) are equivalent.
If exact word is required, use the next option or enclose query between quotes (" ").

Exact phrase
Result must contain each of the exact search words in the same order. Words are not stemmed.

Ordering options:
no order   This gives the fastest results.
sort by date published   most recent images first.
sort by ratings most highly user-rated images first. Only images with 10 or more ratings are returned.
sort by popularity images with larger number of views and selections first
sort by interest images with largest number of selections normalized by number of views first

To retrieve quickly any image use its Photo ID (4 letters followed by 4/5 numbers), or just its number.
To exclude any keywords use the word NOT before the keyword.
To find images with any of several keywords, separate keywords by the word OR.

You can also retrive all the images on the site, sorted with the following criteria:

2. Text search - returns web pages

Use this search method if looking for text rather than images.
The whole terragalleria.com site will be searched. All the Google options can be used.

3. Subject matching - returns images

Use predefined categories to find images with similar subjects.Access this feature:

4. Visual image matching - returns images

Unlike text-based search and subject matching, Visual Similarity Search does not necessarily show similar subjects, but instead uses purely visual cues such that colors, shapes, and textures.

Normally, access this feature: