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Vietnam Tribe

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Woman of the Red Hmong ethnic group, with a helmet-like hairstyle, near Tam Duong. Northwest Vietnam Dzao woman using a water buffao to plow a field, near Tuan Giao. Northwest Vietnam Hmong man riding a water buffalo near Yen Chay. Northwest Vietnam Hmong woman, near Yen Chau. Northwest Vietnam Woman of the Thai ethnicity sorting grain, near Mai Chau. Vietnam Boy keeping water buffaloes. Sapa, Vietnam Family outside their home. Northeast Vietnam Colorful crowd at the sunday market. Bac Ha, Vietnam Dzao women shopping. Sapa, Vietnam Hmong children and village, near Tam Duong. Northwest Vietnam Flower Hmong women getting a ride on all-terrain russian-made motorbikes to the sunday market. Bac Ha, Vietnam Flower Hmong women. The Hmong ethnie is divided into four subgroups, designated using the dress pattern they wear. Bac Ha, Vietnam Two generations of tribewomen outside their house, near Mai Chau. Northwest Vietnam Old and young from the surrounding hamlets hike several hours to the sunday market. Bac Ha, Vietnam Hmong family near Lai Chau. Northwest Vietnam Black Hmong Women riding at the back of a Russian motorbike. Sapa, Vietnam Young thai women walking on the road, between Son La and Tuan Chau. Northwest Vietnam Thai women walk in a town market, near Son La. Northwest Vietnam Ethnic minority women carrying banana trunks. Vietnam Thai woman pushing her bicycle across a bridge, Tuan Giao. Northwest Vietnam

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