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Japanese Buildings

Japanese Buildings : 65 images

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Garden with trees and mosses on the grounds of the Kinkaku-ji Temple. Kyoto, Japan Branches of cherry blossoms and castle. Himeji, Japan Classical roof shapes of a Zen temple. Kyoto, Japan Urns and pavilion. Nikko, Japan Nakamise-dori and  Senso-ji temple by night. Tokyo, Japan Pines and wooden walls, Sanjusangen-do Temple. Kyoto, Japan Wooden pilars and hall, Meiji-jingu Shrine. Tokyo, Japan Castle grounds and walls with cherry trees in bloom. Himeji, Japan Yodobashi, the world largest camera store in Shinjuku West at night. Tokyo, Japan Stairs bellow the main hall of Tosho-gu Shrine on a rainy day. Nikko, Japan Tokyo Metropolitan Government offices, designed by Tange Kenzo. Tokyo, Japan Huge lantern at the entrance of the Senso-ji temple, Asakusa. Tokyo, Japan Entrance of the Senso-ji temple, Asakusa. Tokyo, Japan Castle grounds with blossoming cherry trees. Himeji, Japan Painted panel, Meiji-jingu Shrine. Tokyo, Japan Bicyclist in front of a traditional style house. Kyoto, Japan Exterior of a townhouse. Kyoto, Japan High rises in Shinjuku. Tokyo, Japan Honden (main hall) of Tosho-gu Shrine on a rainy day. Nikko, Japan Cherry blossoms, pine tree, and temple wall, Sanjusangen-do Temple. Kyoto, Japan

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