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Japan Streets

Japan Streets : 16 images

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Narrow alley in the Pontocho entertainment district by night. Kyoto, Japan Yodobashi, the world largest camera store in Shinjuku West at night. Tokyo, Japan Street in Asakusa. Tokyo, Japan Avenue in Shinjuku. Tokyo, Japan Crowded crossing in Ginza shopping district. Tokyo, Japan Nakamise-dori, Senso-ji's temple precint's shopping street, Asakusa. Tokyo, Japan Street in Shinjuku 3-chome looking towards Yotsuya in front of Kinokuniya. Tokyo, Japan High rises in Shinjuku. Tokyo, Japan Crowds in the Ginza shopping district. Tokyo, Japan Narrow alley by night. Kyoto, Japan Alley lined with stores beneath the subway in a popular district. Tokyo, Japan Nakamise-dori and  Senso-ji temple by night. Tokyo, Japan Crowded avenue in the Ginza shopping district. Tokyo, Japan Crowds on the street near the Ginza subway station. Tokyo, Japan People in the Ginza shopping district. Tokyo, Japan Shinjuku West side Yodobashi, with discount electronics stores. Tokyo, Japan

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