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Italian Architecture

Italian Architecture : 135 images
Relevant gallery pages:   Italy Medieval Architecture   Italy Roman Architecture

Relevant gallery pages:   Italy Medieval Architecture   Italy Roman Architecture

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Medieval Piazza Del Campo with paving divided into nine sectors to represent Council of Nine.. Siena, Tuscany, Italy Entrance of Basilica San Pietro. Vatican City Wilflowers and Tempio di Cerere (Temple of Ceres). Campania, Italy Well on Piazza della Cisterna at night. San Gimignano, Tuscany, Italy Popies and Arch of Titus, Roman Forum. Rome, Lazio, Italy Baptistry seen from Campanile. Florence, Tuscany, Italy Siena Cathedral (Duomo) with bands of colored marble, late afternoon. Siena, Tuscany, Italy Basilica di Santa Maria dei Servi seen from Torre del Mangia. Siena, Tuscany, Italy Inside of the Siena Cathedral (Duomo). Siena, Tuscany, Italy Castle. Tivoli, Lazio, Italy Red poppies and ruins of the Praetorium, Villa Adriana. Tivoli, Lazio, Italy Columns of the small temple of Venus, Villa Hadriana. Tivoli, Lazio, Italy Towers seen from Torre Grossa. San Gimignano, Tuscany, Italy Roman Form and Palazzo Senatorio. Rome, Lazio, Italy Ponte Sant'Angelo over the Tiber, and Basilica San Pietro, sunrise. Vatican City Villa of Mysteries has one of the largest frescoes remaining from the Ancient world. Pompeii, Campania, Italy Campanile tower and Duomo. Florence, Tuscany, Italy Arch of Septimus Severus, Roman Forum. Rome, Lazio, Italy Dome of Basilica San Pietro, designed by Michelangelo. Vatican City Palladio's Palazzo Barbaran da Porto on Contra Porti. Veneto, Italy

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