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Flower Close Ups

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Hintonella mexicana. A species orchid Leptotes tenuis. A species orchid Macroclinium manabinum. A species orchid Scleochilus latipetalus. A species orchid Solinidiopsis tigriodes. A species orchid Trisetella triglochin. A species orchid Cymbidium Mini Mary 'Grenadier'. A hybrid orchid Close-up of alpine ferns and flowers, Marmot Meadows. Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska, USA. Wild Ginger flower, Tutuila Island. National Park of American Samoa Cymbidium Baltic Sweetheart 'Sarah'. A hybrid orchid Oncidium globuliferum. A species orchid Laelia dayana v. coerulea. A species orchid Capanemia uliginosa. A species orchid Ceratochilus biglandulosus. A species orchid Cymbidium Pearl Dawson 'Procyon'. A hybrid orchid Ohia Tree with gnarled branches and red Lihua flowers, Waimea Canyon. Kauai island, Hawaii, USA Cymbidium Tom Thumb 'Calliope'. A hybrid orchid Claret Cup Cactus with flowers. Joshua Tree National Park, California, USA. Alpine wildflowers. Lake Clark National Park, Alaska, USA. Cymbidium Splendid Pinkie 'Petite Minerve'. A hybrid orchid

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