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China Buildings

China Buildings : 189 images
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Relevant gallery pages:   Temples in China   China Houses   Pagodas China   Hong Kong Skyscrapers

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Women at Muslim pastry store. Kunming, Yunnan, China Pilgrim prays in the Jinding Si (Golden Summit) temple at dusk. Emei Shan, Sichuan, China Jinding Si temple perched on a precipituous cliff at sunrise. Emei Shan, Sichuan, China Dried food items for sale in the extended Qingping market. Guangzhou, Guangdong, China Courtyard of the Wufeng Lou (Five Phoenix Hall) with spring blossoms. Lijiang, Yunnan, China One of the two 10-tiered pagodas flanking Quianxun Pagoda. Dali, Yunnan, China Jinding Si temple,  evening. Emei Shan, Sichuan, China Hong-Kong lights from Victoria Peak at night. Hong-Kong, China Hong-Kong night citiscape lights from Victoria Peak. Hong-Kong, China Xiangfeng temple in mist. Emei Shan, Sichuan, China Monks and pilgrims admiring a sea of cloud from the summit. Emei Shan, Sichuan, China Landmark Bank of China building, whose triangular shapes were designed by Pei. Hong-Kong, China Public massage on the traffic square at  the intersection of Zhengyi Lu and Dongfeng Lu. Kunming, Yunnan, China Candles burning in front of Wannian Si temple. Emei Shan, Sichuan, China Through village streets with the cows. Baisha, Yunnan, China Woman offers incense in the central courtyard of Yantong Si. Kunming, Yunnan, China Border crossing into China at Dong Dang. Lang Son, Northest Vietnam Buddha image seen from rainy courtyard of Hongchunping temple. Emei Shan, Sichuan, China Old wooden buildings, with a high rise in the background. Kunming, Yunnan, China Pavillon reflected in the Black Dragon Pool, with Jade Dragon Snow Mountains in the background. Lijiang, Yunnan, China

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