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Mexico countryside

Pictures by QT Luong

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While the area around the coast is tropical, dotted with plantations and fruit stands, highlands are more dry and cool. Many blue agave fields, used to make Tequila, can be seen there. The agave landscape near Tequila is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Colorful road-side chapels and cemeteries are a witness to the country's catholic fervor.

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Aerial view of plain, foothills and Sierra de Madre. Mexico ( color) Rural scene with banana trees, palm tree, horses, and  field. Mexico ( color) Roadside fruit stand. Mexico ( color) Row of tropical fruit stands. Mexico ( color) Man unloading bananas from the back of a truck. Mexico ( color) Man weighting bananas. Mexico ( color) Woman in a fruit stand. Mexico ( color) Watermelons. Mexico ( color) Hardened lava and hills. Mexico ( color) Agave field and volcanic rock wall. Mexico ( color) Blue Agave field and tree. Mexico ( color) Field of agaves near Tequila. Mexico ( color) Rows of  blue agaves near Tequila. Mexico ( color) Grasses, agaves, and mountains. Mexico ( color) Agave field on rolling hills. Mexico ( color) Cactus amongst blue agaves. Mexico ( color) Stacks of corn hulls. Mexico ( color) Man riding a horse. Mexico ( color) Man on horse going down a village street. Mexico ( color) Man with cigarette riding a motorcycle-powered food stand on town plaza. Mexico ( color) The exterior wall of a roadside chapel. Mexico ( color) Religious figures and candles in roadside chapel. Mexico ( color) Covered tomb in a cemetery. Mexico ( color) Tropical tomb in a cemetery. Mexico ( color)
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