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Alpine climbing (1986-1992)

Mont Blanc Range, Southern Alps, Oisans, Vanoise, Wallis.
Dent du Geant, W face, regular route, AD (my first non-guided climb).
Mont-Blanc, E face, Brenva spur, D- (solo, begins an obsession with alpinism)
Les Courtes, N face, Swiss route D+ (winter)
Grande Casse, N face, Italian gully, D (guiding)
Chere gully on Mont-Blanc du Tacul, D+ (guiding)
Mont-Blanc, E face, Sentinelle Rouge, D (solo)
Mont-Blanc, W face, Jaccoux-Domenech route, D (first solo ?)
Mont-Blanc du Tacul, NE face, Gabarrou-Albinoni gully, TD- (winter)
Viso N face, Coolidge gully, D (guiding)
Mont-Blanc, NF of G.P.A. (Eikpfeiller), Boivin-Vallencant route, TD (solo)
Aiguille Verte, N face, Couturier gully, D
Mont-Blanc, S face , Central pillar of Freney, TD+
Grand Capucin, E face, Bonatti route, TD+
Super-couloir du Tacul, section TD+ (guiding)
Les Droites, N face, Ginat (so-called Jackson) route, ED-
Corno Stella, SW face, Dufranc-Campia route, TD
Bonatti pillar on Le Dru, TD+/ED-
Cougourde, W face, Cristina + La Maje, TD
Grandes Jorasses, N face, Linceul (the Shroud), TD (solo, this one made me think a bit)
Dent du Geant, S face, Burgasser route, TD (guiding, my last climb in the Alps).

The mountains of North America (1993)

Alaska range, Sierra Nevada.
Mt McKinley (6200m), upper West Rib (essentially solo)

Ice climbing (1988 - 1996)

The ratings describe the conditions that I found. Those given in the guidebooks might be different (generally higher).
Alpes Maritimes (France): Tinee, Val d'Entraunes. :
Gialorgues, grande cascade, III-5 (my first serious lead) Route de Roya, stalactite I-5/5+ (my first attempt at a FA)
Brianconnais (France) : Ceillac, Orcieres, Fournel , Fressinieres .
Sombre Heros II-5. Davidoff III-5 (solo). Le monde des glaces IV-5. Delicados IV-5 (solo). Geant des tempetes IV-5+. Baiser de Lune IV-6. Les Violins III-6.
Dauphine (France): Romanche , Alpe d'Huez, Vallon du Diable.
Orgasme IV-4+ (solo). Fantasme IV-5. Erection II-5+. Les Moulins III-6.
New Hampshire (USA): Frankenstein Clif.
Widows' Walk II-5.
Colorado (USA): Rifle , Vail.
The Fang II-5+. .
Utah (USA): Provost Canyon.
Stairway to heaven III-4+. Stewart's falls III-5.
California (USA): Lee Vining.
Central flow II-4+.
Quebec (Canada): Shawbridge, Montmorency.
Devil's tooth II-5, Direct pillar II-5
Rockies (Alberta/British Columbia, Canada): Banff NP
Lower Weeping Wall, III-5. Polar Circus, V-5.
Pilsner Pillar II-6, Kitty Hawk IV-5, Sea of Vapors V-7.
British Columbia (Canada): Hope, Lillooet.
Carl's Berg II-5. The Theft V-6R, FA (my finest accomplishment in this medium)

Rock climbing (1986-1996)

Southern France: Baou de Saint Jeannet, La Loubiere/Tete de Chien, Esterel, Vallee du Loup, Baou des 4 ouro. Calanques, Sainte Victoire, Dentelles de Montmirail, Verdon, Presles.
Directissime 6a. Peril Jaune 6a. Jardin Suspendu 6a. Tonton Walker 6a. Pour qui sonne le glas 6b. Demande 6a. Ticket danger 6a+. Pichenibulle/Cocoluche 6a+
Northern France: Fontainebleau, Saussois, Saffres.
California: Yosemite, Needles, Donner Summit, Lover's Leap, Joshua Tree
Central Pilar of Frenzy 5.9. Nutcracker 5.9. Royal Arches 5.7. Reed's pinnacle 5.9. Grack marginal right 5.9. Fairview Dome, RR 5.8+. Daff Dome, Crescent Arch 5.9+. The Line 5.9. Solid Gold 5.9+.
Nevada: Red Rocks.
Crimson Crysalis 5.9.

Big wall (1994 - 1996)

Yosemite (why do you think I chose Berkeley ?).
El Capitan, the Nose, VI 5.9/A2-
El Capitan, the Shield, VI 5.8/A3 (still my favorite)
Leaning Tower, West Face, V 5.7/A2
Washington Column, The Prow, V 5.7/A2
El Capitan, Zodiac, VI 5.8/A3

Mountaineering skiing (1986-1990)

Mont-Blanc (Fr.):
Aiguille d'Argentiere (really my introduction to the high mountains). Tour de l'Aiguille d'Argentiere.
Wallis (Sw.):
Haute route Chamonix-Zermatt. Cima di Jazzi, Aulerpass, Alphubel. Mont Rose, pointes Gniffetti et Dufour.
Misc Alps (Fr.):
Glaciers de la Vanoise. Dome de neige des Ecrins. Traversee Douans-Tenibre-Vens.
(most of those done on Fisher E99 backcountry skis)

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