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Lopburi, 154km north of Bangkok, was part of the Khmer empire of Angkor from the 10th century to the 13th century. As a result, there are a few notable shrines in Hindu and Khmer style, which happen to be inhabited by hundreds of small monkeys who, once they climb on you, are quite difficult to get rid of. In the fall, Lopburi even lays out buffet tables for its resident monkeys to fest on.

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Ruins of the King Narai's palace. Lopburi, Thailand ( color) Children walk among ruins of the King Narai's palace. Lopburi, Thailand ( color) Ruins in classic Khmer-Lopburi style. Lopburi, Thailand ( color) Prang Sam Yot, classic Khmer-Lopburi style hindu temple turned buddhist. Lopburi, Thailand ( color) San Phra Kan (Kala shrine), invaded by monkeys. Lopburi, Thailand ( color) Lottery tickets vendor and monkey, San Phra Kan. Lopburi, Thailand ( color) Monkeys climb on a tourist, San Phra Kan. Lopburi, Thailand ( color) Monkey on monkey statue. Lopburi, Thailand ( color) Elephant Parking. Lopburi, Thailand ( color)
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