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Tokyo, Japan's capital is a lively city with huge proportions, crowds, and energy. The indisputed economic, academic, and political center of the country, it is more a collection of neighborhoods than a city of 30 million. While it has only a few sights, it is a place of rich details, atmosphere, and contrasts, where the old traditions and the most modern consumer culture coexist side by side. Here are some of the world's greatest shopping districts and department stores, but also street markets similar to those found in less developped Asian countries. Hi tech business, commercial and entertainment areas such as Shinjuku contrast with the old downtown of Asakusa, and with the serenity of shrines and gardens. Those aspects sometime meet each other, like when you see a Buddhist monk with an alms bowl standing impassibly in crowds of shoppers in front of a ultra modern department store (where a single melon can cost $30).

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Bride with traditional make-up. Tokyo, Japan ( color) Traditional Shinto wedding procession at the Meiji-jingu Shrine. Tokyo, Japan ( color) Buddhist monk. Tokyo, Japan ( color) Buddhist monk seeking alms in front of a Ginza department store. Tokyo, Japan ( color) Imperial Palace. Tokyo, Japan ( color) Wooden pilars and hall, Meiji-jingu Shrine. Tokyo, Japan ( color) Prayers tablets, Meiji-jingu Shrine. Tokyo, Japan ( color) Alley lined with stores beneath the subway in a popular district. Tokyo, Japan ( color) Street in Shinjuku 3-chome looking towards Yotsuya in front of Kinokuniya. Tokyo, Japan ( color) Crowded crossing in Ginza shopping district. Tokyo, Japan ( color) Avenue in Shinjuku. Tokyo, Japan ( color) Yodobashi, the world largest camera store in Shinjuku West at night. Tokyo, Japan ( color) Backstreet by night. Tokyo, Japan ( color) Seafood vendor in a popular street. Tokyo, Japan ( color) Incredibly high priced fruit in a department store. Tokyo, Japan ( color) Street in Asakusa. Tokyo, Japan ( color) Entrance of the Senso-ji temple, Asakusa. Tokyo, Japan ( color) Lanterns on Nakamise-dori, Asakusa. Tokyo, Japan ( color) Lanterns and cherry blossoms on Nakamise-dori, Asakusa. Tokyo, Japan ( color) Nakamise-dori and  Senso-ji temple at dusk. Tokyo, Japan ( color)
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