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Pictures by QT Luong

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Floatplanes and reflections.. Anchorage, Alaska, USA (color) Hewlett-Packard garage, birthplace of Silicon Valley. Palo Alto,  California, USA (color) Mushing dogs. Kotzebue, North Western Alaska, USA (color) Airstrip at the end of Nabesna Road. Wrangell-St Elias National Park, Alaska, USA. (color) Children playing on ice sculptures, Ice Alaska. Fairbanks, Alaska, USA (color) Pilings and fishing nets in lagoon. Vietnam (color) Utility shack at dusk, Bayfront Park. Menlo Park,  California, USA (color) Shack, rails, and bay by night, Alviso. San Jose, California, USA (color) Hunters lifting dead moose for weighting, Kokadjo. Maine, USA (color) Shack and railway tracks in the fall, White Mountain National Forest. New Hampshire, USA (color) Car and pickup cover below snowy peaks. Colorado, USA (color) Schack on deck. Stonington, Maine, USA (color) Cabins with gold dredging equipment, Chatanika. Alaska, USA (color) Machinery covered in snow. Wiseman, Alaska, USA (color) Cabin amongst bare aspen trees. Alaska, USA (color) Cattle enclosure, Picuris Pueblo. New Mexico, USA (color) Cottage with weatherwane, Truro. Cape Cod, Massachussets, USA (color) Wooden shack. Virginia City, Nevada, USA (color) Seaplanes on the shore of Lake Hood, the largest sea plane base in the world. Anchorage, Alaska, USA (color) Fishing baskets and wall. Kotzebue, North Western Alaska, USA (color)
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