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People Working

Pictures by QT Luong

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Woman preparing a fresh flower lei, with another woman looking, International Marketplace. Waikiki, Honolulu, Oahu island, Hawaii, USA (color) Dumplings being cooked in a cobblestone street. Lijiang, Yunnan, China (color) Thai women on the shores of a pond, near Tuan Giao. Northwest Vietnam (color) Lacemaker's hand at work. Bruges, Belgium (color) Man sharpening knifes on the street, Colaba. Mumbai, Maharashtra, India (color) Fishermen on small boats. Vietnam (color) Duck herder, Thanh Toan. Hue, Vietnam (color) Women repairing fish nets, Duong Dong. Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam (color) Coracle boats, fishing boats from above. Mui Ne, Vietnam (color) Fisherman pulls up net from rowboat. Hoi An, Vietnam (color) Workers moving bricks in brick factory. Sa Dec, Vietnam (color) Elderly haeneyo woman. Jeju Island, South Korea (color) Workers loading bricks out of brick oven. Mekong Delta, Vietnam (color) Jewelery and gold store, district 5. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (color) Woman sweeping floor in front of tanks, military museum. Hanoi, Vietnam (color) Man with wheelbarrow filled with bananas and coconuts. Ben Tre, Vietnam (color) Grounds of Chiang Kai-shek memorial with workers and tourists. Taipei, Taiwan (color) Women making gimchi. Gyeongju, South Korea (color) Fisherman repairing net on beach. Da Nang, Vietnam (color) Funeral vehicle and attendants. Tra Vinh, Vietnam (color) Fiji woman. Polynesian Cultural Center, Oahu island, Hawaii, USA (color) Riverside food preparation. Can Tho, Vietnam (color) Logging truck loaded by log loader truck. Maine, USA (color) Field with cut crops and villager. Hahoe Folk Village, South Korea (color) Woman cleaning in alley. Lukang, Taiwan (color) Woman polishing stone carving by hand. Vietnam (color) Horses, Riverbend of the Rio Grande. Big Bend National Park, Texas, USA. (color) Restoration work. My Son, Vietnam (color) Man preparing to lift box from deck. Corea, Maine, USA (color) Cable car being turned at terminus. San Francisco, California, USA (color) Beach and fishing boats from above. Mui Ne, Vietnam (color) Dragon boats. Hue, Vietnam (color) Blue fishing sampans from above. Vietnam (color) Fisherman throwing net, Thu Bon River. Hoi An, Vietnam (color) Riverside brick ovens. Sa Dec, Vietnam (color) Women working drying fish. Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam (color) Woman sweeping floor in front of military hardware, military museum. Hanoi, Vietnam (color) Hands seen mixing kim chee. Gyeongju, South Korea (color) Frame shop at night. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (color) Woman quilting. Polynesian Cultural Center, Oahu island, Hawaii, USA (color) View of drying rice and statue from church tower. Tra Vinh, Vietnam (color) Close-up of hands and feet of man mending net. Da Nang, Vietnam (color) Naxi Women baking dumplings. Lijiang, Yunnan, China (color) Woman laudering at the river. Can Tho, Vietnam (color) Pots in cococut candy factory. Ben Tre, Vietnam (color) Haeneyo women arranging wetsuits. Jeju Island, South Korea (color) Commercial lobstermen. Stonington, Maine, USA (color) Villagers cultivating fields by hand in front of straw roofed houses. Hahoe Folk Village, South Korea (color) Entrance at night, Mount Washington resort, Bretton Woods. New Hampshire, USA (color) Man loading pizza into oven, Lombardi pizzeria. NYC, New York, USA (color) Cactus and horses from above. Big Bend National Park, Texas, USA. (color) Buiding in construction in narrow space. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (color) Woman preparing traditional medicine ingredients. Cholon, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (color) Woman weaving a toga (mat) out of pandamus leaves. American Samoa (color) Baking the famous Omelette de la mere Poularde at the eponymous restaurant. Mont Saint-Michel, Brittany, France (color) Man with tangle of wires in server room. Menlo Park,  California, USA (color) Men mending fishing net with palm trees in background. Goa, India (color) Workers pasting mural-sized car advertising on building. Nashville, Tennessee, USA (color) Log loader lifts trunks into log truck. Maine, USA (color) Cultivation and church on outskirts of Andong. South Korea (color) Fishermen lining up to pull net onto beach. Mui Ne, Vietnam (color) Workers loading bricks on boat. Sa Dec, Vietnam (color) Kimchi preparation. Gyeongju, South Korea (color) Woman pushes dragon boat. Hue, Vietnam (color) Woman takes pause at silk weaving workshop. Hoi An, Vietnam (color) Boats and piers. Vietnam (color) Fisherman on skiff. Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam (color) Haeneyo women with fresh catch, Seongsang Ilchulbong. Jeju Island, South Korea (color) Women packing coconut candy for sale. Ben Tre, Vietnam (color) Fishermen mending nets in coracle boats. Da Nang, Vietnam (color) Woman fills up a water buck in the canal. Lijiang, Yunnan, China (color) Villager in field. Hahoe Folk Village, South Korea (color) River scene and high rise towers in construction, Phu My Hung, district 7. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (color) Lobstermen hauling traps. Stonington, Maine, USA (color) Woman weaving a toga (mat) out of pandamus leaves. American Samoa (color) Horse carriage in winter, Montreal. Quebec, Canada (color) Artist carving a totem pole. Butchart Gardens, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (color) Office of the Secretary of State inside Nevada State Capitol. Carson City, Nevada, USA (color) Craftman. Leshan, Sichuan, China (color) Restaurant basement seen from street. NYC, New York, USA (color) Equipment lifted in the hangar of the Stanford Linear Accelerator. Stanford University, California, USA (color) Young man drawing an artwork based on traditional siapo designs. Pago Pago, Tutuila, American Samoa (color) Vegetable Garden, Rancho San Antonio Open Space, Los Altos. California, USA (color) Forestry site with working log truck and log loader. Maine, USA (color) Photography exhibit being installed in subway. Daegu, South Korea (color) Winemaker checking barrels of wine being aged. Napa Valley, California, USA (color) Fishermen on lobster boat. Bar Harbor, Maine, USA (color) Man in ironwork shop. Mystic, Connecticut, USA (color) Tree pruning truck, Rockwood. Maine, USA (color) Technician rearranging data cables. Menlo Park,  California, USA (color) Fishermen on roundboats and fishing fleet. Mui Ne, Vietnam (color) Brick factory. Sa Dec, Vietnam (color) Handling kimjang kimchi. Gyeongju, South Korea (color) Men operating fish traps. Vietnam (color) Women mending fishing nets, Duong Dong. Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam (color) Villagers on flooded fields. Hue, Vietnam (color) Hanging paper lanterns in Quan Cong temple. Hoi An, Vietnam (color) Haeneyo women swimming in cove. Jeju Island, South Korea (color) Productin of candy through manual labor. Ben Tre, Vietnam (color) Villager tending to fields in front of ancient houses. Hahoe Folk Village, South Korea (color)
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