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Images by QT Luong

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Red paper lanters, door, and stone carved wall, Hainan Temple. George Town, Penang, Malaysia (color) Facade of Matsu temple with closed doors at night. Lukang, Taiwan (color) Schoolchildren cross Cam Nam bridge. Hoi An, Vietnam (color) Stone carvings outside Dragon Mountain Hall (Khoo clanhouse). George Town, Penang, Malaysia (color) Nine-turns lane with red paper lanterns at night. Lukang, Taiwan (color) Tree with paper lanterns in Japanese Bridge area at night. Hoi An, Vietnam (color) Slate and crimson facade, Hainan Temple. George Town, Penang, Malaysia (color) Red paper lanterns glowing in  Nine-turns lane at night. Lukang, Taiwan (color) Colorful outfits and lanterns in textile shop. Hoi An, Vietnam (color) Blue exterior gallery, Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion. George Town, Penang, Malaysia (color) Paper lanterns and woodwork, Longshan Temple. Lukang, Taiwan (color) Lanterns for sale. Hoi An, Vietnam (color) Woman in prayer, altar and lanters, Kuan Yin Teng temple. George Town, Penang, Malaysia (color) Street with paper lanterns. Lukang, Taiwan (color) Paper lantern, wall, and blue shutters. Hoi An, Vietnam (color) Temple and distant minaret at sunset. George Town, Penang, Malaysia (color) Man painting paper lantern. Lukang, Taiwan (color) Paper lantern at night. Hoi An, Vietnam (color) Penang Gelugpa Buddhist Association temple. George Town, Penang, Malaysia (color) Chinseng Lane at night with lanterns. Lukang, Taiwan (color)
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