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Pictures by QT Luong

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Chinese caligraphy. Lijiang, Yunnan, China (color) Prayers tablets, Meiji-jingu Shrine. Tokyo, Japan (color) Shield of Canada. Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (color) Names of people killed during Civil Rights movement and quote in Martin Luther King speech. Montgomery, Alabama, USA (color) Advertisement for a local law firm. Kotzebue, North Western Alaska, USA (color) Coca-Cola sign in Hebrew. Jerusalem, Israel (color) Papal Blessings sign in many languages. Vatican City (color) Tatoo sign and colorful Ocean Front Walk. Venice, Los Angeles, California, USA (color) Ceramic sign at the entrance of Villa d'Este. Tivoli, Lazio, Italy (color) Sign advertising Lemoncelo, the local lemon-based liquor, Amalfi. Amalfi Coast, Campania, Italy (color) Gallery with graffiti. Paris, France (color) Narrow alley in Chinatown. San Francisco, California, USA (color) Ramp to harbor deck with Whittier sign. Whittier, Alaska, USA (color) Wanted and Reward signs, Old Tucson Studios. Tucson, Arizona, USA (color) Sheep below a sign in English and Hindi. Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India (color) Sign prohibiting activities on Sunday. Tutuila, American Samoa (color) Political propaganda poster. Luang Prabang, Laos (color) Sign about the California Poppy. Antelope Valley, California, USA (color) Even far in the south, cultural chinese influence is obvious in this temple. Ha Tien, Vietnam (color) Leaves of the autograph tree. Big Island, Hawaii, USA (color) Stones and mani wall, Zanskar, Jammu and Kashmir. India (color) Handprints and footprints of actors and actresses in cement, Grauman theater forecourt. Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA (color) Inscription in Latin with the SPQR letters of the Ancient Roman Empire. Rome, Lazio, Italy (color) Prayer tablets. Nikko, Japan (color) Jane Austen centre. Bath, Somerset, England, United Kingdom (color) Memorial. La Jolla, San Diego, California, USA (color) Wall of a fishery, La Parguera. Puerto Rico (color) Bay Bridge seen through America's Cup log at America's Cup Park. San Francisco, California, USA (color) Row of Longevity chinese characters, Tu Duc Tomb. Hue, Vietnam (color) Facade of concrete building with wooden doors and windows. Lukang, Taiwan (color) Lanterns on Nakamise-dori, Asakusa. Tokyo, Japan (color) Shield of Yukon Territory. Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (color) Rollerblading on colorful Ocean Front Walk. Venice, Los Angeles, California, USA (color) Decorated doors of a temple. Lijiang, Yunnan, China (color) Star bearing the name of Antony Hopkins on the walk of fame. Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA (color) Civil Rights Memorial, Southern Poverty and Law Center. Montgomery, Alabama, USA (color) Graffiti. Paris, France (color) Americas cup empty bleachers from behind. San Francisco, California, USA (color) Weathered facade. Lukang, Taiwan (color) Wedding chapel at night. Reno, Nevada, USA (color) Chinese inscriptions, China Camp State Park. San Pablo Bay, California, USA (color) Posters from several countries, War Remnants Museum, district 3. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (color) Facade and lights, Old Town State Historic Park. San Diego, California, USA (color) Information sheet to be filled by soloists. Alaska (color) Factory personnel board, sugar cane mill. Kauai island, Hawaii, USA (color) Snake Oil display, Old Tucson Studios. Tucson, Arizona, USA (color) Stone carvings with No Camera No picture sign. Vietnam (color) Officer hanging a picture of Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi Citadel. Hanoi, Vietnam (color) Longevity chinese character made of ceramics, Tu Duc Tomb. Hue, Vietnam (color) Woman straddling the territory of four states. Four Corners Monument, Arizona, USA (color) Blessing wind chimes, Wen Wu temple. Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan (color) Dr Ho, famous taoist doctor. Baisha, Yunnan, China (color) Kapu sign, Kiholo Bay. Big Island, Hawaii, USA (color) Hindu script detail. My Son, Vietnam (color) Well-wishing tablets written in many languages, Seokguram. Gyeongju, South Korea (color) Row of stone turtles with stele backs, Temple of the Litterature. Hanoi, Vietnam (color) Multilingual peace word, 2-28 Peace Park. Taipei, Taiwan (color) Street sign in Spanish. San Juan, Puerto Rico (color) Billboard with Peoples Park name. Berkeley, California, USA (color) Gaslamp, welcome to Gaslamp quarter signs, and historical building facade. San Diego, California, USA (color) Shield of Manitoba Province. Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (color) Surfer walking on Ocean Front Walk. Venice, Los Angeles, California, USA (color) Hand touching the letters Martin Luther King on the Civil Rights Memorial wall. Montgomery, Alabama, USA (color) Decorated Dongba script for sale. The Naxi created 1000 years ago the only hieroglyphic language still in use. Lijiang, Yunnan, China (color) Boy in side alley with graffiti on walls. Paris, France (color) America's cup logo. San Francisco, California, USA (color) Wooden door with chinese writing on red paper. Lukang, Taiwan (color) Snake Oil display, Old Tucson Studios. Tucson, Arizona, USA (color) Shadow and state seals. Four Corners Monument, Arizona, USA (color) Stone turtle with a stele on its back, Thien Mu pagoda. Hue, Vietnam (color) Multilingual well-wishing tablets, Seokguram. Gyeongju, South Korea (color) Poster describing the Inupiaq alphabet, Kiana. North Western Alaska, USA (color) Chinese inscription in stone in the gardens of Dafo Si. Leshan, Sichuan, China (color) Inscription in Chinese on a limestone wall. Shilin, Yunnan, China (color) Statue of Mao Ze Dong. Chengdu, Sichuan, China (color) Rows of candles and sign commemorating Father Serra. San Juan Capistrano, Orange County, California, USA (color) Inscription detail, Parsvanatha temple, Eastern Group. Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh, India (color) Mural with words painful progress and no stopping sign. Los Angeles, California, USA (color) Doorway of Wannian Si. Emei Shan, Sichuan, China (color) Prayer labels with names written in Chinese characters. Cholon, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (color) Posted on the ranger tent, was the weather forecast we were all after: at least some stable weather. Denali, Alaska (color) Sign about ice cream and presidents, Mount Rushmore National Memorial. South Dakota, USA (color) Vinyl records on display, Sun record company. Nashville, Tennessee, USA (color) Oceanside memorial. La Jolla, San Diego, California, USA (color) Woman at a street telephone booth. Mumbai, Maharashtra, India (color) Sign explaining history of Palace of the Governors. Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA (color) Commemorative inscriptions on dam and Hetch Hetchy reservoir. Yosemite National Park, California, USA. (color) Tourist guides about Rome in all languages. Rome, Lazio, Italy (color) Alleyway map of Chinatown. San Francisco, California, USA (color) Illuminated Eiffel Tower seen through peace memorial. Paris, France (color) Shield of Saskatchewan Province. Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (color) Monument by Maya Lin at the Civil Rights Memorial. Montgomery, Alabama, USA (color) 34th Americas cup sign, trees, and clouds. San Francisco, California, USA (color) Blue and red facade. Lukang, Taiwan (color) Four Corners Quadripoint. Four Corners Monument, Arizona, USA (color) Stele composed by Emperor Tu Duc, Tu Duc Mausoleum. Hue, Vietnam (color) Entrance with sign Jewel of the Missions. San Juan Capistrano, Orange County, California, USA (color) Historic vinyl records. Nashville, Tennessee, USA (color) Rodin sculpture The Thinker and Legion of Honor motto in French. San Francisco, California, USA (color) Monument to Peace framing the Eiffel Tower at night. Paris, France (color)
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