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Pictures by QT Luong

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Palm tree with coconuts, Railay East. Krabi Province, Thailand (color) Coconuts. Can Tho, Vietnam (color) Jackfruit on tree. My Tho, Vietnam (color) Pond Apple (Annoma Glabra) with fruits. Everglades National Park, Florida, USA. (color) Man shouldering banana cluster. Ben Tre, Vietnam (color) Branches with cherry plums. Hells Canyon National Recreation Area, Idaho and Oregon, USA (color) Cherimoya fruit. Baja California, Mexico (color) Papaya fruit and flowers. Haleakala National Park, Hawaii, USA. (color) Cut Dragon Fruit. Vietnam (color) Tropical fruit and large leaves, El Yunque, Carribean National Forest. Puerto Rico (color) Papaya, Phi-Phi island. Krabi Province, Thailand (color) Lizard on fruit of tropical tree. Kauai island, Hawaii, USA (color) Pinapple,  Dole Planation. Oahu island, Hawaii, USA (color) Vine with wine grapes and red leaves in autumn. Napa Valley, California, USA (color) Forest floor close-up with fallen fruits. Maui, Hawaii, USA (color) Carambola Fruit. Orlando, Florida, USA (color) Mango fruit on tree, Gilroy Gardens. California, USA (color) Bare trees with Mountain Ash berries, North Carolina. Great Smoky Mountains National Park, USA. (color) Rainforest fruits, Cape Tribulation. Queensland, Australia (color) Coconuts cluster, Rai Leh East. Krabi Province, Thailand (color) Pond Apple (Annoma Glabra) tree and fruits. Everglades National Park, Florida, USA. (color) Man with wheelbarrow filled with bananas and coconuts. Ben Tre, Vietnam (color) Close-up of bark and fig. My Tho, Vietnam (color) Mango fruit. Baja California, Mexico (color) Guava fruit on tree. Haleakala National Park, Hawaii, USA. (color)
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