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Balconies and Porches

Photos by QT Luong

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Detail of hut with montagnard dress being dried, between Tuan Giao and Lai Chau. Northwest Vietnam (color) Japanese pavillion, Hakone gardens. Saragota,  California, USA (color) Porch of historic house. Taos, New Mexico, USA (color) Porch and beach, Truro. Cape Cod, Massachussets, USA (color) House. Guanajuato, Mexico (color) Street, church, and Mills house hotel with many guests at night. Charleston, South Carolina, USA (color) Balcony and flag of Puerto Rico. San Juan, Puerto Rico (color) Pastel-colored house, tropical flowers, street sign. Key West, Florida, USA (color) Spiral staircase and balconies on beach house. Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California, USA (color) Houseboat porch. Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (color) Flowered porch of a wooden cabin. Banff National Park, Canadian Rockies, Alberta, Canada (color) Mansion facade in Southern style, Garden Distric. New Orleans, Louisiana, USA (color) Shops and houses, Wawerly Alley, Chinatown. San Francisco, California, USA (color) Patio of house made of Teak. Muang Boran, Thailand (color) Facade of old house. San Juan, Puerto Rico (color) Houseboat, Upper Harbour. Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (color) Detail of outdoor spiral staircase. Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California, USA (color) Pastel-colored pink porch. Key West, Florida, USA (color) Facade of house painted in blue with pots, balconies and anti-war signs. San Juan, Puerto Rico (color) Facade detail of beach house with spiral stairway. Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California, USA (color)
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