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To the summit

Pictures by QT Luong

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Posted on the ranger tent, was the weather forecast we were all after: at least some stable weather. Denali, Alaska ( color) This time, I had to painfully break the trail, which was swept by the recent storm. It is hard work when you are by yourself. Denali, Alaska ( color) Being acclimatized thanks to my extended waiting at 14300ft, I skip the 16000 camp, which is occupied by a guided team comming from the bottom of the ridge. Denali, Alaska ( color) On the West Rib. Denali, Alaska ( color) The Balcony camp on the West Rib really deserves its name. Panoramic view over 180 degrees. Denali, Alaska ( color) Remains of a tent which burned years ago from stove flare-up. Denali, Alaska ( color) Camping on the Balcony camp of the West Rib. Denali, Alaska ( color) The three tracks starting from the 14300 camp are very visible: to Windy Corner, the West Buttress, and the West Rib (although these were only my tracks). The 14300 camp would soon be in the shade. Denali, Alaska ( color) That day, I enjoyed the sun until after 11pm. Denali, Alaska ( color) Midnight sunset over Mt Foraker from the West Rib. Denali, Alaska ( color) The next day, unlike the other party which is making a round-a-trip summit day and leave their tent, I pack everything, since I plan to traverse the mountain and go down by the West Buttress. Denali, Alaska ( color) The West Rib has 45 degrees inclination, with some steeper mixed parts. This means that unlike the West Buttress, it is a somewhat technical route, where you have to do some sort of climbing, and be careful not to fall. Denali, Alaska ( color) Being late on my schedule, due to the unexpected effect of altitude, I am lucky to find a ledge large enough for my Stephenson tent. Denali, Alaska ( color) Camping high on the West Rib route. Denali, Alaska ( color) The next day, I would cross the gully and climb the ridge. Denali, Alaska ( color) Across the gully, the last camp spot is visible. Denali, Alaska ( color) Last technical steps on the West Rib route. Denali, Alaska ( color) Junction with the West Buttress route (see the numerous crampon marks) on the summit plateau. Denali, Alaska ( color) Summit ridge of Mt McKinley. Denali, Alaska ( color) A view from the summit of Mt McKinley. Denali, Alaska ( color)
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