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Traveling Alaska's wilderness

[Backpacking Gates of the Arctic] [Backpacking Lake Clark] [Backpacking Katmai]
[Kayaking Glacier Bay] [Canoeing Kobuk Valley]

Alaska is a land of enormous proportions, a fifth the size of the USA, but with a population is far less than one milion. Most of the state is made of wild mountains, glaciers, and rivers, many of them are preserved in eight National Parks of a scale difficult to imagine. Over the course of three summers, I explored some of those wilderness areas by foot and paddle. Most those trips required the use of elaborate logistics to access remote areas.

A backpacking trip into the Arrigetch Peaks: a typical wilderness experience in Alaska.

Pictures of Backpacking Gates of the Arctic
Backpacking Gates of the Arctic (16 images)
Pictures of Backpacking  Lake Clark
Backpacking Lake Clark (75 images)
Pictures of Backpacking  Katmai
Backpacking Katmai (13 images)
Pictures of Kayaking  Glacier Bay
Kayaking Glacier Bay (78 images)
Pictures of Canoeing  Kobuk Valley
Canoeing Kobuk Valley (34 images)