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Galilee is Israel's lushest region and has the country's richest religious heritage. Besides being the land where Jesus did most of his teaching, it is also where Jewish scholars produced the classical rabbinical texts. The town of Safed (there are several alternative spellings), where Kabbalism was expended, is at the center of Jewish mysticism. The highest town in the country, it has old quarters of quaint streets and alleys full of synagogues and artists.

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Walls and alley in the old city of Safed (Tzfat). Israel ( color) Menorah, inscription in Hebrew, and lantern, Safed (Safad). Israel ( color) Blue door and windows, Synagogue Quarter, Safed (Tsfat). Israel ( color) Orthodox jews in a narrow alley, Safed (Tsfat). Israel ( color) Wall with blue tint in the old city of Safed (Tsfat). Israel ( color) Alley with lanterns, Synagogue Quarter, Safed (Safad). Israel ( color) Alley with sign pointing to Synagogue Abuhav, Safed (Safad). Israel ( color) Synagogue interior, Safed (Tzfat). Israel ( color) Paintings in Artist's shop, Artist Quarter, Safed (Zefad). Israel ( color) Church, Safed (Tzfat). Israel ( color) Sign marking sea level and the Lake Tiberias. Israel ( color) Old fort wall on the Sea of Gallilee. Israel ( color)
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