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Black and White Photos by QT Luong

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Fan Tan Alley, Chinatown. Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (black and white) House and alley, Bukchon Hanok Village. Seoul, South Korea (black and white) Alley and rain. Vietnam (black and white) Cows in narrow old city street at night. Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India (black and white) Alley and love motel. Gyeongju, South Korea (black and white) Nakamise-dori and  Senso-ji temple by night. Tokyo, Japan (black and white) Cobblestone street and canal at night. Lijiang, Yunnan, China (black and white) Prison of Apostle Peter. Jerusalem, Israel (black and white) Narrow alley at dawn. Bath, Somerset, England, United Kingdom (black and white) Man at a Newstand booth in a narrow callejone at night. Guanajuato, Mexico (black and white) Store by night, Taj Ganj. Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India (black and white) Boy on bicycle looking at girl in front of blue house. Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India (black and white) Man locking his motorbike in a side street. Naples, Campania, Italy (black and white) Chinseng Lane at night with lanterns. Lukang, Taiwan (black and white) Narrow alley by night. Kyoto, Japan (black and white) Flower peddler in an old alley. Kunming, Yunnan, China (black and white) Well and alley. Hoi An, Vietnam (black and white) Alley with lanterns, Synagogue Quarter, Safed (Safad). Israel (black and white) Saloon bar and cobblestone alley at night. London, England, United Kingdom (black and white) Alley with red brick walls, San Pedro Square. San Jose, California, USA (black and white)
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