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Los Angeles

Black and White pictures by QT Luong

[Los Angeles Skyline]
[Downtown LA]
[Beverly Hills]
[Mid-city LA]
[Universal City]
[Griffith Park]
[Brentwood & Westwood]
[Santa Monica]
[Marina Del Rey]
[LA South Bay Beaches]
[Palo Verdes & San Pedro]
[Long Beach]

Los Angeles is the second most populous city in the US, and the largest in area, one where it is possible to ski and surf waves in the same day. One of the world's most important economic, cultural, and entertainment centers, Los Angeles is reputed for its warm weather, creativity, high-velocity energy, vibrant fun lifestyle, and cosmopolitan mix. The name Los Angeles often refers to the greater metropolitan (home to more than 13 million) rather than just the city, as it is often considered to be one large amorphous place, rather than the combination of several smaller cities. Despite the urban sprawl, the 27 freeways that criss-cross it, and the grid-lock of the most car-populated metropolis in the world, the areas of interest to visitors are well defined and rewarding to explore.