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Mount Popa

Pictures by QT Luong

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Mount Popa, a solitary volcanic peak, is the Mt Olympus of Myanmar. It is home to the country's 37 most powerful nats, spirits which hold dominion over a place, person, or field of experience. Nat worship remains an important aspect of everyday life, and has somewhat manage to coexist with Buddhism. A major pilgrimage destination, the top of Mount Popa is covered by numerous shrines reached through a steep covered stairway. Mount Popa is 50km from Bagan.

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Children at a school. Mount Popa, Myanmar ( color) Cow wagons. Mount Popa, Myanmar ( color) Crowded public busses. Mount Popa, Myanmar ( color) Complex of monestaries on a volcanic spire. Mount Popa, Myanmar ( color) Mahagiri shrine, housing the 37 nats (spirits). Mount Popa, Myanmar ( color)
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